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Sophisticated Tax Planning Solutions

To secure a strong financial future, it’s important to look at the different planning strategies available and how they might affect your unique situation. Bauer & Shekerlian Law is well positioned to provide a robust legal strategy to optimize your tax and wealth planning.

Retirement Planning

There are two types of retirement income – tax free and tax deferred. Most individuals have tax deferred assets in the form of a 401K plan or a traditional IRA and are not aware that the amount of money they will be paying in tax upon retirement may prevent them from having the lifestyle they anticipated. Such strategies typically cause your social security benefits to become taxable as well.  Many people are also unaware that there are different ways to create a tax-free retirement. Putting together a proper retirement plan takes the input of many individuals. We commonly work together with our clients, their financial advisers, and their CPAs to ensure that we implement the best plan for now and for retirement.

Legacy Planning

Legacy planning is about giving your life a sense of purpose.  It is a way for you to be remembered by few or by many. This typically includes philanthropic goals in addition to family beneficiaries. As a part of your plan, we can help you identify and implement goals for using your assets towards benefitting family and charity after you die. Additionally, you can often get tax benefits during life for contributing to charity when you die. Contact us for a free consultation if you would like to know more.

High-Net Worth Tax Planning

People who make the most money are taxed at the highest rate, and therefore, those individuals also stand to save the most money with proper tax planning. Additionally, there are many more tax saving options available to high income earners then there are to low-income earners. We even have many planning strategies for high-net worth households in California. Our legal team can help analyze your financial situation and apply smart tax planning strategies to legally minimize your tax bill. We have helped many celebrities, professional athletes, and top level executives, and we can help you.

Optimize Your Financial Planning Today

At Bauer & Shekerlian Law, we offer solid financial planning using sound legal strategy. Contact us for a free consultation by calling (949) 233-2894 or contacting us online if you would like to know more.

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