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Value-Added Tax Preparation Services

There are several options for professional tax preparation, but what method is the best for your situation? In order to hire a professional, you simply have to search for one who is enrolled and qualified by the IRS to do so. This can range from your common tax prep services, to CPAs, to attorneys.

Tax prep services are great because they are cheap and quick; however, they are only allowed to take information from you and input it into a system and are not allowed to give you advice on how to save in the future. CPAs are great because they can give you advice on what methods are available to save you taxes in the future; however, they tend to be more expensive and cannot legally tell you how set up or use the available methods. In the state of California, only a tax attorney can legally prepare your taxes and recommend the most comprehensive tax saving strategies.

Benefit From Comprehensive Advice

As a law office that handles tax preparation, tax planning law, asset protection, and business law, Bauer & Shekerlian Law can give clients complete comprehensive legal advice on how taxes affect their assets and what options are optimal for them. This is not something that a tax prep service, CPA, or basic tax attorney can offer.  We offer free quotes and encourage you to contact us to find out how we can help you.

Contact Bauer & Shekerlian Law Today

What could you save on your taxes through knowledgeable legal consultation? Give Bauer & Shekerlian Law a call today at (949) 233-2894 or email us to find out.

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